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BSc Beauty Cosmetology Syllabus

BSc 1st Year Beauty Cosmetology Syllabus:

Semester I

1. Introduction to the Beauty and Wellness Industry

2. Introduction to Human Nutrition

3. Fundamentals of Makeup

4. Fundamentals of Professional Hairdressing

5. Communication Skills

Semester II

1. Introduction to diet management

2. Physiology of the Human Body

3. A Comprehensive Study of Skincare

4. A Comprehensive Study of Hair Treatment

5. Basics of Hair Designing

6. Basics of Professional Makeup

7. Writing Skills

BSc 2nd Year Beauty Cosmetology Syllabus:

Semester III

1. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle

2. A Comprehensive Study of Face Aesthetics

3. Disaster Management

4. Classic Hairdressing Methodology

5. Introduction in Trends of Cosmetology and Professional Makeup

6. Fundamental of Food Science and Nutrition

7. Introduction to Food Safety

Semester IV

1. Introduction to Body Therapy in Fitness Industries

2. Nutritional Biochemistry

3. A Comprehensive Study of Body Aesthetics

4. Salon Essentials to Hairdressing

5. Salon Professional make up Artistry

6. Nutrition for Weight Management

7. Geriatric Nutrition

BSc 3rd Year Beauty Cosmetology Syllabus:

Semester V

1. Entrepreneurship Developments

2. Maternal and Child Nutrition

3. Electives 1

4. Sports Nutrition

5. Therapeutic Nutrition part 1

6. Fundamentals of Spa Therapies 1

7. Salon Hair Creative’s

Semester VI

1. Introduction to Public Nutrition

2. Introduction to Fitness with Yoga Aerobics

3. Elective 2

4. Health and Wellness Coaching-Internship & Project Work

5. Makeup Techniques 2

6. Advanced Hair Creative’s Internship and Project Work

7. Spa Therapies II

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